Doggie games are held near the stage area. Check the game area for times and games that are going to be played. Please join in with your dog for a good time!

Ball Lottery • Dogs retrieve balls that have been numbered. The dog that collects the highest total wins.

Doggie Limbo • For this Limbo, only the dogs go under the bar. Dogs are split into groups of large (over 18”) and small dogs to shimmy under a bar.

Dress Up Your Pup Relay • All entrants will be divided into teams. The first handler will take their dog to the box of clothing, dress the dog in a t-shirt (2 legs through sleeves), two socks and a scarf, then return to the start and tag the next team member. Fastest team wins.

Musical Hoops • This is an adaptation of Musical Chairs for dogs. Handlers will walk their dogs while the music plays. When the music stops, handlers will have their dogs place at least two paws in a hoop. The dog without a hoop is excused, a hoop is removed and the music plays on.

Ring Around the Rosie • As the audience sings “Ring Around the Rosie,” handlers heel their dogs in a circle. At the word “down,” all
handlers put their dogs in a down position. The last dog down is
eliminated. The winners are the last three dogs remaining.

Temptation Tower • In this race against the clock, you have one minute to stack as many biscuits as you can into a tower of tasty dog treats. But there is an added challenge! You must build this tower of treats in front of your dog! If your dog eats any of the biscuits, you and your dog will be eliminated from the game. If your tower falls down, you can rebuild until time runs out. The winner is the dog and handler team with the most number of biscuits in their tower!